Friday, June 17, 2011

Now that's the stuff...

This is the "beefsteak and waffles" of beer!!! Its probably a good thing that they don't distribute to Texas or any neighboring states!

- dwb

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Perks of Virginia....

It's close enough to Pottsville, PA!!!

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Texas Tech says that O-State steals their traditions... Nope

I wrote this email to a friend that attended Texas Tech University after he informed me that Oklahoma State stole all of their traditions. Untrue things that are spewn about my beloved O-State are not tolerated in my world...

I'm posting this email because I read this on a friends blog about a similar topic. I thought it was fitting. Enjoy!

All of these subjects have been said to be stolen by OSU from Texas Tech. Just wanted to clear the air...Read and be humbled:

School Establishment:
Oklahoma A&M - 1890
Oklahoma State University - 1957
Texas Technological College - 1923
Texas Tech University - 1969
Conclusion: No stealing here... since we were around long before Tech was.
OSU - Spirit Rider and Bullet - 1984
Tech - Masked Rider: Official in 1953 (done originally as a dare in 1936)
Conclusion: The Spirit Rider WAS inspired by the Masked Rider, though no masks are involved... I will concede to this one.. It was Dr. Eddy Finley, a graduate of Texas Tech who thought up the idea, while working at OSU... So I think "stolen" is wrong to quite wrong. But you guys did have it first...
OSU - Pistol Pete - 1923 
Tech - Raider Red - 1971 
Conclusion: Our mascot is based on an actual person (a grade-A badass, actually) in history, and was not simply made up by a cartoonist (Raider Red was). Oh and Pistol Pete became our mascot the same year your school began to exist.
Hand Signal:OSU - Pistols Firing/Go Pokes - No Date Found...
Tech - Guns Up - 1972
Conclusion: This is a hand signal, the Southwest Conference was known for them, however, we both have "double gun toting" mascots. It seems quite likely to have a hand signal that indicates such a thing. Also, our "double gun toting" mascost is an actual cowboy, our mascot existed before you school did, therefore its likely that our hand signal was not "stolen" from Tech.
OSU - Orange Power - 1975
Tech - Raider Power -  No Date Found... Conclusion: This is a cross stadium cheer that numerous Universities use (one version or another)... it's ridiculous to say anyone stole it from anyone else. Unless Tech thinks they started "cross-stadium cheering."
Other Facts:Will Rogers is a born and raised, famous Oklahoman... not a Texan. Talk about stealing.
Yes, its ridiculous that I did this much research to prove a point... but I don't care. You have one semi-valid point about the Spirit Rider... that's all... end of story. You should forward this to your school so they can get their facts straight.


Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup Game #1... Check!

Baby in a bar... Awesome!

Working "from home"...

Celebracion de Devon...

- dwb

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Photography... HDR... Canon... In Love!

I just bought a Canon Rebel XS... its the lowest end Rebel available but its leap years above my point and shoot cameras. I purchased this mainly because we are expecting our first child in July (in case you don't know I have another blog over here all about this journey) and wanted to be able to take pictures that weren't either completely blown out or dark past the point of recognition, which is what you get with indoor point and shoot shots. Anyway, as an added bonus I also get to try my hand at a technique that I have fallen in love with... HDR or High Dynamic Range photography. If you have never seen this style check out this site: and prepare to have your mind blown all over your computer in a matter of minutes.

I'm going to try my hand at this style of photography until either find that I have no eye for this stuff (which is doubtful since I'm awesome) or until I get it right and become a professional. So without further ado here are my first 2 attempts. Feel free to comment on them, good or bad. I need help learning. They are also on my Flickr Page (another place to get help with this stuff!) Enjoy! (or not)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Swim along with the... Have some fun with the...

Snorks!!! Sitting at my allergy doctor, THIS was on the tube! Instantly, it brought me back to my childhood Saturday mornings! Awesome!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

WTF!?! White Christmas in Dallas!?!

Wow! Just wow!


New Blog - Different Style

My wife and I have started a new blog!

As you might be able to tell by the title it is about our new addition that hasn't arrived yet! Crazy, I know... but I'm thrilled! Scared, but thrilled nonetheless! So I might not ten to this blog as diligently as I haven't been (no that wasn't a typo) but if you are interested in following along with us in our journey through pregnancy and then parenthood, well... Read it!

Until next time. Byrd out!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Ok, I broke down and joined the "twitter nation"... I kinda feel dirty, but a little awesometown at the same time. I really never thought I'd do this, as I tend to think it's narcissistic and self-promoting... oh well, I guess you are what you tweet, and I tweet AWESOME!!!

I will slowly learn the art of Twitpics, @Reply and @Mention... We'll see how it goes. My 5 latest tweets are at the top right of this page... Enjoy! If you read this then you probably will enjoy because you obviously like my weird sense of humor, or care enough about me to "filter out the bullshit and take the rest to heart"...

Much love,

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Deep Fried... Oil?

So when you use your deep fryer and have to change the oil... This is what you get! And I wonder why I'm fat....

Mmm mmm good!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

On the Drums...Ron Jeremy Everyone???

Yes... That's right... Stillwater, OK was blessed with greatness (well at least famousness) The Pita Pit was a rocking! It was weird and awesome at the same time! Check a few pics:


Sunday, August 16, 2009

My dog has a problem...

So I need to make an admission to the world... My dog is addicted to balls. Seriously! Balls! I know, I know, you say "but she's a dog... Of course she likes balls". But this degree of sickness is far more than any other I have seen in my soon-to-be 29 years of life (birthday gifts are welcome... Oct. 6th)...

To prove my point, I've taken a digital photograph (some kids call them "pics") via my cellular telephone of my dog laying completely content with an over-sized tennis ball in her mouth...

She played in the pool all day... And was exhausted... However, she is o addicted to balls that she had to keep one in her mouth the entire time she was relaxing...

Sad thing is, I knew some girls in college with the same issue!


Saturday, August 15, 2009


'Nuff said


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Amazing Feats of Rubber...

1 Bag Rubber Bands - $0.67

1 Styrofoam Cup - $0.10

1 Half Drank Diet Dr. Pepper - $1.00

1 Potentially Deadly Rubber Band Shot from ~15 feet away - Priceless


Flame On!

Of all the cars to paint obnoxious blue flames on... a Scion is definately at the bottom of the list! Right below the Ford Taurus and Honda CR-V, it rounds out, not only the "Top 10 Cars that Should NEVER have Flames of any Color" list, but also the "Top 10 Cars to NEVER Buy" list - interestingly...


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Get your Fiber on!

Alright... Again, it's been a while since my last post. But this time I wanted to do a bit of advertising. I tend to think that my hair is fantastic! In fact, I know it is! It is SO awesometown that usually when nuns pass me on the sidewalk they weep giant tears... So stellar is my mop that when I eat next to someone with worse hair than me (which is ALWAYS, as you can imagine) that person's food taste waaaaay better!

However, none of this outrageously fantastic hairness (or semi-unbelievable side effects) would be possible without American Crew and their little product called Fiber.

Now, recently I have tried to give a little something back to the world! I decided to shave my head (to raise money for Breast Cancer partially). I wanted to give others around me a chance to feel like they have great hair!

If only they could take my hair (previous to the shaving of course) and put it on a supermodel he/she (yes, she, my hair was that groovy) might take over the entire modeling world!

One last shout out to American Crew for producing Fiber and helping to make my hair super duper for so many years!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Dane Cook

Thursday, June 11, 2009

iPhone 3Gs... I'm not not upgrading...

*UPDATE* Just ordered 2 iPhone 3Gs's, a white one for my wife, and a black one for myself (only 16GB versions... don't want to get greedy!)


So the 3rd Generation iPhone will be released to the unassuming public on Friday June 19th... much sooner than i expected, bee tee dub... as a goof friend of mine put it: "I think I'm gonna go 3Gs, hard not to"...

Hard not to, indeed! For us, my friend and I, it is an easy decision... we both have the 1st generation iPhones (I personally skipped the 3G, or 2nd gen, becuase GPS and 3G wasn't a big enough carrot for me... plus I think that the original is far superior in the beauty department) and we are both far enough into our 2 year contracts that we can get the fully subsidized pricing. Add in some 3G, digital compass, GPS, video, 3 megapixel camera (previous generations were 2 megapixel), upgraded processor and double the RAM (first upgrade in these areas since 1st gen), not recessed headphone jack, and the aforementioned redesigned body, and you have yourself a "no brainer". These are ONLY the things that are purely physical (as in hardware, etc.) that I simply cannot get on my current iPhone. There's a multitude of additional soft feature enhancements, mostly biproducts of combining the new iPhone 3.0 OS and the new hardware, the long awaited copy & paste functionality, text msg forwarding, voice recording and control, universal search, better Microsoft Exchange support, attaching multiple pictures to one email... i could go on, but you get the point...

-------------------- AT&T TANGENT OF HATRED --------------------
No MMS until late summer? WTF AT&T? Every other phone company in the universe can send picture messages. Before June 17th (the day iPhone 3.0 OS) Apple was to blame for not incorporating MMS capabilities into their phone software, but now that they have listened to their customers... YOU are incapable of keeping up? WTF? Oh and since you asked... waiting to allow tethering?!?! How money hungry are you? And what exactly does "Unlimited Data" mean to you? Apparently it means whatever you want it to mean... if you didn't own my digital life (tv, phone, internet, mobile), I would drop you like a bad habit! Whew... that felt good!
As for the people that upgraded from 1st Gen to 2nd Gen or just waited and bought an iPhone 3G, well, they have a little less to look forward to... compass, video, camera upgrade, processor and RAM upgrades, and 3G speed bump... and of the course the software benefits (but those don't REALLY count for anyone that has an iPhone, because you get them for free. And they count even less for those with the 3G iPhone, since the only new features are compass and video that utilize the new software)
But for us that are known as "First Gen-ers" or the ones that are still waiting to join the cult... the time is now! Prepare yourselves for that sweet iPhone Upgrade Goodness...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oklahoma State Football for FREE!!!

In keeping with my paltry once-a-month post schedule... I will explain the "Oklahoma State Football Tickets por gratiz Plan" I alluded to here.

So, to start, here's a refresher course on my "ranking of sports favorites" for those that don't know... the order goes a little something like this:

1. Oklahoma State Basketball
2. Oklahoma State Football
3. Oklahoma State Golf
4. All Other Oklahoma State Sports
5. Big XII Basketball
6. Big XII Football
7. All College Sports
8. Professional Golf
9. Professional Basketball
10. Professional Football

As you can see, Oklahoma State Football ranks pretty high up on my list... go figure! Now anyone with any sense would say "Hey, why doesn't your plan involve Oklahoma State Basketball? Isn't that your favorite sport?" and my reply would be "Yes, it is my favorite sport... and oh how I wish that all Basketball games were played on Saturday so that I could travel to Stillwater and watch my beloved Pokes toss the rock around... but that dream will have to wait. I can, however, live the dream of visiting my Alma Mater every Saturday in the fall for the 2nd choice on my list."

So, on with the plan:

I recently purchased 4 Oklahoma State Football tickets with a couple that my wife and I are friends with... we bought 4 in order to get the "Wild West End Zone Fun Pack" discount... which saves roughly $225 over the single ticket West End Zone price. That being said, I have now have 2 tickets to 8 home games that cost me a total of $575 (there was a $30 processing fee for those keeping track) These seats are in Section 101, Row 4, Seats 1 & 2... See Diagram Here (bottom right hand corner, if you're looking at the Diagram)

Currently the going price for a Georgia at Oklahoma State Football Ticket is roughly $300 for good seats, which we have... now i know that being that far down in the End Zone can be a negative, but being that freaking close to the field offsets any negative! Oh and by the way, Mike Holder (our mediocre Athletic Director) has made one game per season unavailable for purchase to "non-season ticket holders"... this season the Georgia game is THAT game!

To recap, if I can sell 2 tickets at $300/ticket for the first game, then I can recoup the ENTIRE cost of my season and enjoy the other 7 games por gratiz!!!

Ahhh, thank you very muuuuuuch!